Demonstrate leadership in a competitive marketplace


of employees

consider health & wellness packages
when choosing an employer

Source: People Matters 2019, OC Tanner


of employees

who work for organizations with
wellness programs, like their jobs more

Source: People Matters 2019, OC Tanner


of employees

who work for organizations with
wellness programs are extremely/very
likely to recommend their
employer to others

Source: People Matters 2019, OC Tanner


Appointments within 24 hours

Little to no wait time in a waiting room

Time saved scheduling with specialists and managing diagnostic results

30-60 minute extended office visits

24/7 direct communications with the physician

98% patient satisfaction rate*

A personal health care advocate, whenever and wherever needed

*Source: Specialdocs patient satisfaction surveys.

A Concierge Practice,

with ample time to focus on preventive measures and proactive wellness, has proven to be one of the most effective models for maintaining good health.

If your employee has a medical need, your company will have peace of mind that their doctor is available when needed. A call to our office or cell phone after hours can frequently prevent a trip to the emergency room or an urgent care clinic.

An Economic Advantage

  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Copy of Reduced Absenteeism
  • Increased Workplace Productivity

A Competitive Advantage

  • Attract the Best Candidates
  • Retain Top Talent
  • Cultivate Loyalty
  • A Workplace Standard

Medical Insurance Cost Savings

  • Reduced Utilization Rates for ER Visits
  • Fewer Inpatient Admissions
  • Reduced Disbursements for Medical Care

Your Employees’ Personal Doctor
is Available For

  • Medical Advice While at Work or Traveling
  • An Important Prescription Refill
  • An Urgent Office Appointment
  • A Phone Consultation After Office Hours

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses such as law, accounting and consulting firms or those looking for a corporate wellness & executive health program. Call us for more information.

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