Should You Choose a Female Doctor?

NY Times article about female physicians

NY Times article about female physiciansThe New York Times published an intriguing article titled “Should You Choose a Female Doctor?” citing studies and interviews showing that female doctors tend to listen more, and their patients fare better as a result. While I’m delighted to see this high-profile endorsement, I believe the evidence actually points not as much to a gender difference in care, but in taking the time to really listen. As a concierge physician, I’m grateful every day for the opportunity to take the time to really know my patients, listen to their stories and form deep and meaningful relationships.

For all physicians – male and female – time has proven the most precious benefit of all. In fact, one of the most compelling anecdotes in the article was by Stanford physician Dr. Don Barr, who explained the impact of letting his patients speak without interruption: “The fact that the doctor is hearing what you are saying and cares about you and understands what you are going through makes coping with the illness and the implications of the illness that much easier.”

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